Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Venture Project

Update 8/1 - Finished! Did some photoshop details and additional shading, and worked more of the teleporting cape idea like i originally had in mind. I was happy to complete a more dynamic group shot as compared to the Xmen one, this was a fun one to play around with.

Update 7/29 - Finished with the Illustrator stuff, now to start with the Photoshop junk.

Update 7/27 - Started out work in Illustrator. I'm not quite sold on how the cape looks, but it's a start.

Update 7/26 - All the Venture crew is in the layout, now all that's left to do is everything.

Part 1 in a work in progress. To the right is a rough thumbnail of the kind of layout I'm going after. To the left are the first two characters, Dr. Orpheus and Triana. The whole Venture crew will eventually be eminating from Dr. O's cloak. I'm sticking with more stylized figures; not sure how I'll finish this, could use the normal photoshop method or possibly in vector.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Two cool comic characters kicking the crap out of each other, falling from a tall building, and not really minding too much.


A two-bit villian pulls off something sinister.

Monday, July 17, 2006


A testiment to geekiness and whatever the opposite of ADD is called. I fit 70 plus X-Men characters in here. I think some of the details are better than the piece as a whole, so take a look below.

Call Waiting

This generic girl I drew from my head unintentionally turned out to look a lot like my twin sister. *Cue the spooky music*

the night shift ends


You ever watch Lost? Well this guy is the bad-ass former African drug lord turned devout priest who carries a big stick that he carved scripture into that he killed two mysterious island people with. Oh, and he's surrounded by a black smoke monster who kills people and rips out trees and can read your mind. Consider yourself caught up... on one character out of 20.


The lonliest drummer

Nona F. Mecklenberg

Chinese Market

4th and 24!

Let's stay healthy this year Don.

The Man Without Fear

Mouse Robo Battlesuit

Girl with can!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Pit of Ultimate Darkness

Another one in Illustrator - now we're cooking with evil gas.

Job Well Done

Miho from Sin City using Adobe Illustrator.

Freaks and Geeks

Buy this DVD, you should've watched this show.

Hulk Road Rage

Work in progress

Hawaiian Girl

Character concept - some kind of elemental girl from the Hawaiian islands. The wave her hair makes was entirely a result of my subconscious.


Character concept - Electron, what a geeky, scientist would really look like if they were to become a superhero.

An Average Saturday

Energetic, childlike, random, and completely ripping off of the Calvin and Hobbes vibe... but I don't think I'm the first.

How impolite of me, forgetting to introduce myself. My name's Chris Vendrick, I'm a graphic designer and illustrator in the Philadelphia area. My reason behind the blog is just to keep me drawing and sketching, working out those creative muscles and whatnot outside of work. Hope you imaginary internet folks out there enjoy the work!