Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Venture Project

Update 8/1 - Finished! Did some photoshop details and additional shading, and worked more of the teleporting cape idea like i originally had in mind. I was happy to complete a more dynamic group shot as compared to the Xmen one, this was a fun one to play around with.

Update 7/29 - Finished with the Illustrator stuff, now to start with the Photoshop junk.

Update 7/27 - Started out work in Illustrator. I'm not quite sold on how the cape looks, but it's a start.

Update 7/26 - All the Venture crew is in the layout, now all that's left to do is everything.

Part 1 in a work in progress. To the right is a rough thumbnail of the kind of layout I'm going after. To the left are the first two characters, Dr. Orpheus and Triana. The whole Venture crew will eventually be eminating from Dr. O's cloak. I'm sticking with more stylized figures; not sure how I'll finish this, could use the normal photoshop method or possibly in vector.

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