Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Weekly Sketch #5: Farmer Fighter II Turbo

This one I did everything digitally - sketching and all. And I also tried using existing textures for something new. As for the fight, my money's on the weird looking one.


Richard Face said...

Those don't look like farmers. I've seen farmers before and have been too numerous farmlands.

ckvendrick said...

richard - no offense to all the internet-blogging farmers out there, this was meant to be more broad, redneck-ish characterizations. not shooting for accuracy, just fun. anyway, this is in homage to the Street Fighter franchise, and when's the last time you saw an indian guy who could stretch out his limbs to incredible lengths and wore skulls around his neck? thanks for the comment!

ckvendrick said...

haha - took me longer than i care to admit to figure out the pseudonym thing.